Metalis Energy Operate an API Q1 Quality System

Metalis Energy operates a fully audited American Petroleum Institute API Q1 and DNV ISO 9001 2015 accredited Quality Management system. This allows us to produce monogrammed API 6A wellhead products for offshore systems up to and including 20,000psi service

API Q1 Quality System audited by and accredited by the American Petroleum Institute


API Monogram

ISO 9001 (2015) Quality Management System audited and accredited By DNV – GL

DNV Approved

DNV ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

Design and product type approvals

Metalis Energy products are manufactured under highly regulated industry product design and type approvals. It is essential that products operating in some of the most severe high-pressure high-temperature environments are verified and certified suitable for these severe applications.

DNV type approved

ABS type approved

DNV Type Approval Certificate

ABS Design Assessment

Metalis Energy Ltd UK has the right to use the Official API Monogram on manufactured products under the conditions in the offIcial publications of the American Petroleum Institute entitled API Spec Q1 and API-6A and in accordance with the provisions of the license agreement (API Q1 License Number 6A-1910) The scope of the license includes Tees & Crosses PSL 1, PSL-2 & PSL-3.